Bailey & Wade manufacture high quality, custom, turned parts in materials including brass, steels, aluminium, stainless steel and other materials.turned parts products 1

Bailey & Wade’s products range from 1mm to 100mm in diameter.

turned parts 2Bailey & Wade’s skilled workforce take great pride in the high quality of their products.

Bailey & Wade have a unique IT system and can give quotations quickly for large and small production runs for all customers from multinationals to small businesses.
turned parts products 6Bailey & Wade are turned parts experts with the capability to create complex parts using 3D modelling and machining. If you have any turned part requirement, please contact us for a quote on how we can manufacture it for you.
turned parts products 7Our parts are high precision and we can make parts that fit together. Whether you need a simple part or complex parts with threads and holes in specific places so that they fit with other parts or items, we can manufacture your part for you.
turned parts products 8We have many parts currently in stock which can be delivered immediately. To find out how quickly we can deliver a part for you, please see our capacity which has details of our machines.

Bailey & Wade are located in Coventry which is central to the whole of the UK. Bailey & Wade manufacture parts for a wide range of applications including the automotive industry, instruments, meters, high precision tools, valves, aircraft, aerospace, telecommunications, hydraulics, etc.

We offer a wide range of turned parts for a wide range of applications. We turned parts products 5are always looking for more applications for our products and have adapted as new industries like telecommunications have emerged. We welcome your input into the design process and can custom design turned parts from your drawings and samples.

turned parts products 3We are a leading supplier of turned parts in the UK and out customers include well known companies such as Dunlop, Courtaulds and GEC. All our parts are made to high precision using high grade raw materials.

Our parts are all manufactured in Coventry and are not imported. Our parts are cost effective and are manufactured to last.

We also manufacture plastic parts whose main application is in medical equipment.

With more than 25 years experience manufacturing turned parts, you can be sure that the parts we manufacture for you are of high quality. We have a reputation for turned parts products 4supplying high quality, custom parts on time and in responding to all customer requests such as delivery times etc. If you are interested in high quality turned parts, please contact us for a free quotation.

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